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The 2017-18 Fluzone® Vaccines
are Made to Help Protect
Against the Following Four
Strains of the Virus:2

• A/Michigan/45/2015 X-275 (H1N1) pdm09-like strain
• A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 X-263B (H3N2)-like strain
• B/Brisbane/60/2008-like strain
• B/Phuket/3073/2013-like strain

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What Do You Know About Flu Vaccines?
Take the quiz below to get the facts on how to help protect yourself against the flu.

Scientists at the World Health Organization (WHO) make
predictions each year to determine which strains should be
included in the annual seasonal influenza vaccine;

however, it has been challenging to accurately predict which strains of influenza A and B will dominate.
Over the past 15 flu seasons, the dominating circulating B strain was different in 7 of these
seasons than predicted by health authorities.1,3

Help Protect Your Children
From the Flu as Early as
Six Months of Age2
Children, especially those younger than five years of age, are
at high risk for developing complications from the flu.6
Quadrivalent vaccine provides protection against two, rather
than only one, of the strains of influenza B that may circulate.2
For children 6-23 months of
age, NACI recommends that,
given the burden of influenza B
disease, quadrivalent influenza
vaccines should be used.
If quadrivalent influenza vaccines are not available, either
unadjuvanted or adjuvanted trivalent influenza vaccines
should be used.1

Current trivalent flu vaccines help protect against two
influenza A viruses but only one influenza B virus.1

Helping to protect against two
influenza B viruses is important

Data show that influenza B viruses are responsible for
a substantial burden of flu-related hospitalizations and
complications, especially in children.1 But for adults 65 years of
age or older, consider Fluzone® High-Dose vaccine, a threestrain
flu vaccine specifically designed for seniors with four times
the amount of antigens of our standard-dose flu shot, which has
been shown to generate a stronger protection against the flu than
a regular flu vaccine.1,7,8

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Use the Following Questions
to Find Out More From Your
Doctor or Pharmacist:

  • Whats the difference between Fluzone® High-Dose vaccine and Fluzone® vaccine?
  • Should everyone 65 years of age and older get the higher-dose
    flu vaccine, or are there some exceptions?
  • Are there any precautions I should take when getting a higherdose
    flu vaccine?
  • Are there more side effects associated with a higher-dose?